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30 by 30: The RestList {No. 1}

30 by 30: The RestList {No. 1}

Well, here goes nothing.

Today, I turn 29 (the "meh" of birthdays, as I like to refer to it), and for years, people have been telling me, "You should start a blog!" thanks, I assume, to my love of Instagramming everything I wear, bake, cook, read and do, like the professional millennial I am. If I don't post a casual-yet-strategically staged photo of my pumpkin cookies, did I really even bake them?

Oh, but if starting a blog were that easy. You see, I follow blogs. I read blogs. I hate-read blogs. And knowing I am putting myself out there to potentially become another person's hate-read or a link shared by an acquaintance with a snarky comment is still occupying a small but sizable corner in the back of my mind. Not a permanent residence, but a time-share nonetheless. 

But, because we're all friends here, I'll be honest: I've started to feel a little...complacent at my job (I oversee all things TV, from The Bachelor to Game of Thrones to almost every Real Housewives franchise [Potomac doesn't really count, right?], etc. for E! News), which I love. Do not get that twisted. But sometimes a girl wants to write about something more than which C-List celeb has joined Dancing With the Stars. (Sorry not sorry, Nick Lacheys of the world.) Which is where this blog comes in...after many years of thinking about it but not actually doing anything about it. 


The idea for this blog really came to fruition because of frozen yogurt. You see, one happening Friday night, I wanted froyo, but not just any froyo: I wanted The Bigg Chill (in West LA) because they have really good vegan cookie dough. No raw egg = no stomachache, because that is how ADULTING works. Anyway, I drove the six miles—a distance that has killed online relationships before they have even really began in Los Angeles—and parked on the street. As I was parallel-parking, I hit the curb with my back right tire a bit. Oops. Oh well, it looked OK! It was a love tap! Onto the cookie dough!

Cut to 20 minutes later, when I am driving home and it is clear my tire is, to quote Kristin Cavallari (but #TeamLC), DUNZO. I start panicking because I know my Triple AAA membership has long expired, I'm unsure if I have a spare, and oh yeah, MY FROYO IS MELTING.

I pull over and start to plot my next move...when by the grace of Blake Lively (Beyoncé may be your god, this B is mine), the hotel valet comes and offers to change the tire for me. As he's doing it, he's making sure I am watching and learning, taking in how to do it should this happen again. (It will probably happen again.)

"This is actually sort of a good thing, you know, because I read this article about stuff you should know how to do before you turn 30 and changing a flat tire was on it," I said, to which my knight-in-a-shining-valet-uniform replied, "You've got like another 10 years." 

No, I don't. I've got exactly one year. Which is where this list comes in: 30 things I want to do in the next year before I turn the big three-zero. So thank you to my endless hunger for frozen yogurt and my tire (may it rest in peace) for giving me the push I clearly needed to enter the blogosphere.

Originally, I was going to include the entire list of 30 things I intend to do in the next 365 days. But then a few of my friends suggested not to, for various reasons that all make a lot of sense, the biggest being giving myself the opportunity and peace of mind to change my mind whenever I want or edit the list and things as I see fit. So thank you, friends, for giving me the grace I refused to allow myself. 

The 30 items on my RestList (ahhh, you get it now, right?) range from the mundane to the monumental(ish). And since, you know, 30 things would only add up to, like, 2.5 posts a month, I will be posting about other things aside from the 30 by 30. Recipes, style guides, ramblings about wellness, musings on adulthood...you name it, it'll probably be on here at some point. 

Oh, and No. 1 on the RestList? Starting this blog. One down, 29 to go. 

Are You Worth Knowing?

Are You Worth Knowing?