follow along on my misadventures in fashion, cooking, writing and adulthood as I rapidly approach 30. 

Adulthood {Vol. 1}

Adulthood {Vol. 1}

Adulthood is dreading receiving any mail, knowing it's "pre-approved credit card offers," another freakin' wedding invite, and, like Destiny's Child so eloquently sang, bills, bills, bills. (It's also reminding yourself to switch to paperless billing every. single. month.)

Adulthood is getting excited over scanning the supermarket flyers for great deals on produce and meat once a week. (The only pieces of mail you're excited to receive.) 

Adulthood is finding yourself checking out the dads on The CW rather than the main kids. (Still love you, Archie!)

Adulthood is moving all of your clothes from your bed to the chair, claiming you will clean up the mess tomorrow. 

Adulthood is also enthusiastically starting to re-organize and clean out your closets...only to lose steam halfway through and start throwing s--t (including that dress you haven't worn since high school but you will definitely find a time and place to wear it again soon!) anywhere it will fit. 

Adulthood is calling your mom as soon as you don't feel well and then processing to send her a string of roughly 20 text messages in a row when she has the nerve to not answer when you call. (No matter never answering when she calls. Doesn't she know you have a life?!)

Adulthood is learning you don't need to buy your own Splenda packets because you can just take them from your office kitchen or any coffee shop you go to. (It's also knowing Splenda will eventually kill you but won't everything in the end?) 

Adulthood is dropping your entire dinner on the floor and staring at it for 30 seconds, realizing you are going to have to clean it up because that's what adulthood is: cleaning up your own messes and not getting a gold star on a chart afterwards.

Adulthood is realizing no, you're probably never going to live in Austin or London, or, I don't know, Japan, for a year. So what I didn't ever really want to live in Japan, but just knowing I can't makes my heart ache just a little. You know? 

Adulthood is forcing yourself to be mature and just move on when a guy doesn't like you. Long gone are the days of teen angst, random bouts of crying and Dashboard Confessional being played on an endless loop being accepted and allowed by your parents or your peers. 

Adulthood is choosing what you are going to drink solely based on the level of hangover your plans for the next day can allow. 

Adulthood is taking your bra off first thing after you get home. (LOL, remember when we all slept in bras?!)

Adulthood is feeling the absence of the word "only." It's a subtle drop-off, but eventually people stop applying it before your age. "You're only 24, you have so much ahead of you." "You're only 26, you'll find the one." "You're 29, when are you going to start taking online dating seriously?" 

The Disease of Wellness

The Disease of Wellness

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No. 2: I Got My Ears Pierced...Again (Again)