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Halfway Through Whole 30

Halfway Through Whole 30


You guys, I am on Day 15 of Whole 30. 15 days down. 15 days to go. Halfway there. 

And you know what? I feel pretty f--king great. 

I confess I was REALLY nervous to do this, even though I am a pretty clean-eater most of the time (mostly dairy-free, grain-free, etc.). But after a rather indulgent holiday season, I had planned on doing a Dry January, before just choosing to go all-in: forgoing alcohol, sugar, dairy, etc. completely in the name of my boyfriend jeans not feeling like skinny jeans. Vanity, you my only friend. 

What I thought would be the hardest would be giving up my beloved morning coffee (especially after my recent oat milk discovery!), froyo and generally just my usual routine.

Here are a few tips I feel comfortable sharing fully knowing I could possibly take them all back in another 15 days when I complete this b--ch.

1. Find your dirty thirty tribe: I cannot stress enough how nice it is to have a group of friends to do this with. I originally was hesitant to ever try Whole 30, but was excited when my best friend Lauren reached out to see if I wanted to do it together, along with three other friends. I immediately said yes, a group-chat was born (Whole-y Shit 30) and commiserations and tips were shared. I even hosted a Whole 30 dinner party, where we all made a compliant dish, sipped La Croix out of wine glasses and ended the night hangover free! #adulthood

2. Prep yoself before you wreck yoself: It's true: meal prep really does end up being your savior, since you are basically cooking three meals a day and no one really has time for that, right? I ended up making a straight-up delicious frittata (with sweet potato, brussels sprouts and chicken sausage) for the week on Sundays, roasting spaghetti squash and vegetables throughout the week to have as easy standbys. 

ALSO, VITAL PSA: Looking into where to find compliant ingredients BEFORE hitting the grocery store. I found lists for Trader Joe's, Target and Sprouts that proved to be life-savers and serious time-savers. For the first time ever, I had to PAY for parking at my local Target because I went over the time limit. (LA, you cruel b--ch.)

3. Focus on other things: Random, but binge-watching a new show really helped me not focus on any cravings/sugar crashes in the earlier days. The show I chose was Made in Chelsea, which is perfect because it's the guiltiest of guilty pleasures, minus all that added sugar but with classy British accents to nourish you instead. I also thought having a major work event would really put a damper on the Whole 30 party, but it was actually nice NOT having to worry about getting food since I had prepped so much. 

4. Care but don't obsess: Pro-tip: no one wants to hear someone talk about the diet they are attempting 24/7! I told a few of my co-workers/friends prior, just for planning purposes or when I had to change plans, but generally, I tried not to talk about it because that just leads to obsessing over it. (That being said: feel free to Instagram Story your Whole 30 recipes/triumphs/fails away. Haters gonna skip anyway!) 

And in the same vein: some of the Whole 30 rules to me are just BS. Par ejemplo: Trader Joe's roasted plantain chips are, by their standards, compliant. However, they decided to add a new rule in recent years that ANY store-bought chip, even if it's made with compliant ingredients, is non-compliant. YEP, I call BS as I snack away on a plantain chip. 

5. Reward yourself: But not with food! After a week, I added a massage to my manicure, and halfway through? I ordered (on sale!) the monogrammed PJs I have been eyeing for awhile. And when I hit week three, I am thinking of adopting this Free People bag. (ALSO: At the end of this journey, I am so binging on margs and cauliflower nachos at Petty Cash, one of my favorite places in LA.)

And that's all. For now. Will definitely update you once I complete this thang in another 15 days. 

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