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Now Trending: Rainbow Bright

Now Trending: Rainbow Bright

Can I just say how freakin' happy I am that ALL THE COLORS WORN AT THE SAME TIME seems to THE trend for this spring and summer? 

While I love a crisp all-white look for the long, lazy and hot days of summer (Lindsay Lohan in Georgia Rule is a constant source of inspo, don't judge me!), rainbow-colored clothing, when worn properly, is just too fun not to play with. The key phrase there: when worn properly.

Listen, one of the hardest aspects of #adulthood for me is constantly battling my inner-voice that tells me I may be on the wrong side of the age that is appropriate to wear certain clothing. I am all about dressing however you want to....but styling is key. A crop top and a denim diaper (or what the youths call cut-off shorts) just don't work after a certain age unless you are Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella living your best life. A Crop top with high-waisted pants? A different story. 

So this rainbow trend? Definitely can go wrong very quickly if you aren't too careful. Here's a round-up of rainbow pieces I am loving that 1. won't break the bank (minus two splurges) and 2. won't make you look like Lisa Frank threw up all over you. For the most part.

Madewell's courier shirtdress is going to a go-to classic this summer (and they also have the print in a shirt, skirt and tank. The [Sophie's] choice is yours.)

This rainbow seersucker bikini from J. Crew is just begging to be paired with a striped oxford this summer. Love the sunwashed look. And it also comes in a one-piece.

A rule I live by is that everyone needs at least one kimono in their closet. This Tuckernuck one is worthy of that honor. 

ASOS' off-the-shoulder mini is just begging to be worn on a tropical vacation. 

Fruit-embellished clutch from Anthro = 2 cute 2 handle.

Urban Outfitter's neutral plaid off-the-shoulder dress is a great daytime option. Also: Buttons!

In addition to stripes, let's take this rainbow trend to fringe with this Lou & Grey top, yeah? 

OK, this one is not for the faint of heart but there's something so delightfully retro about this high-waisted bikini from Forever 21. Bonus: it's cheap, so you can enjoy the trend minus the guilt. 

These cropped knit pants via UO are perfect for post-beach happenings.

This Zara dress has three things going for it: 1. stripes. 2. polo. 3. midi. 

Colorful hoops from AE are the perfect addition to an all-white or all-black ensemble. And they are under 10 bucks! That's less than two iced coffees in LA. 

Pajamas deserve to be cute too, and I would 100% wear this Madewell striped set out and about proudly. 

This A+F patchwork shirted shirt + denim shorts + birks = your go-to casual look. You're welcome. 

I am planning on wearing the s--t out of J. Crew's multi-colored criss-cross sandals

For those truly committed to the trend, may I suggest the over-exposed-but-still-totally-worth-it Cult Gaia Ark bag?

Speaking of splurges, this MDS Stripes stunner is my DREAM dress. The price? Less than a dream. Basically, it's a nightmare dressed like a daydream. Sigh. 

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