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Wellness Warrior Weekly No. 2: I Did 50 Burpees a Day for 30 Days

Wellness Warrior Weekly No. 2: I Did 50 Burpees a Day for 30 Days

Can I just say that whoever invented burpees is an asshole? And if the same person also came up with that name?Well, then I truly curse the day they were born because that name is just problematic in so many ways.

But I digress. (Must be a day that ends in -y!)

Go to any workout class that is circuit or HIIT-based and I bet you five dollars (OK, maybe one dollar) at least half of the participants will groan if the instructors mentions that burpees will be involved. They just suck. Like Dan and Blair being the best couple of Gossip Girl, this is just a fact of life.

Also a fact of life, however, is that the burpee is a great full-body move. Arguably one of the best. You are working your arms, core, hammies, glutes, etc., in just one move. 

But you know those groaners I just mentioned? I am sort of one of them. Listen, I know the move will help me on my never-ending quest to find an ab, but I also just hate 'em. 

I decided to challenge myself, after reading Mona-Jane's blog (one of my fitness/foodie/hair/life inspirations!) post about doing 50 burpees every day during her pregnancy. I felt downright ashamed and rightfully so. If she could do that pregnant, I surely could do 50 a day for 30 days without a FREAKIN' BABY developing inside me. 

So I did it. Every day. For 30 days. Usually, I would break them up in groups of 10 or 15, and often it would be during commercial breaks while I was catching up on my trashy reality TV shows. Each set would about 20-30 seconds. In the grand scheme of my day, spending about two minutes per day doing burpees was really not a big deal. And only once did I leave it for the end of the night, coming home to jump up and down with a belly full of two glasses of wine in my bedroom like a madwoman. But I got into bed tired and content that night. 

Of course, as soon as the 30 day challenge was up, I stopped getting in my 50 burpees. I didn't magically fall in love with the move, but I did develop a begrudging respect and tolerance for it, while also finding a new admiration for my body and its ability to handle all the crazy s--t I ask it to do. Which I imagine could happen with anything in lifeโ€”a workout move, a daily practice like meditation, a challenge to drink more waterโ€”if you just stop groaning and give it a damn chance.

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