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Classes They Really Should Offer in School

How many times have I utilized my eighth grade knowledge of linear equations in my adult life? As the kids would say: LOLZ.

Lately I've been thinking of all the things I wish I was taught in elementary school, middle school, high school and college. The s--t I really could've applied to my daily life as a 29-year-old who still has to text her mother on occasion with laundry-related inquiries. 

A few classes I definitely would've liked to take as an elective back in the day:

A class on how to really not treat your body like a garbage disposal and eat properly. How to read a nutrition label, which ingredients to definitely avoid, healthy swaps, etc. 

A class on budgeting and saving money. They can also teach you, once and for all, how to figure out the tip on a restaurant bill and for any cosmetic service.

A class on how to make a .GIF. 

A class on how to handle a professional setback with grace.

A class on how to perfectly cook chicken. 

A class on how to do your goddamn taxes. (The answer is always to cheat and hire a professional to do them for you. it's worth it.)

An (intro) class into meditation. If it's for you? Great. If it's not? Also great.

A class on the right order to apply skin products. Toner? Serum? Only at night? Only in the morning? Please advise!

A class on how to tell the Olsen twins apart. (Professor Bricker, at your service.)

A class on how to do laundry properly. 

A class on how to fold a fitted sheet. (Though are there really any experts who can lead this?)

A class on all of the dating apps and which one is best for you. Ain't nobody got time for all that. 

A class on how to realize a friendship is no longer serving you and how to handle the situation. 

A class on how to take a compliment without putting yourself down in the process. 

Five Friday Favorites {Vol. 4}

Five Friday Favorites {Vol. 4}